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Easiest Way to Elevate Your Cube Storages

The easiest and budget friendly way to elevate your cube storage, literally.

Why Elevate Furniture?

It is very common to maximize space in apartments or homes by adding risers to beds, which then creates more storage underneath. However, installing risers to any furniture gives you an opportunity to get creative by making an outdated piece feel new with a small detail. With raised furniture, it can give you more storage space but it can also be easier to CLEAN underneath!

How To Elevate Your Furniture with Risers/Legs

This is a very simple and budget friendly DIY that can be done by ANYONE.

1. Check The Furniture You Want To Raise

Examine the material your furniture is made of-whether it is real wood, manufactured, metal, particle boards. The can help determine the tools needed and the type of risers/legs you want to install. Very important to take note of the placement of any screws, connecting bolts, connecting cams, any hardware. You want to make sure that the risers/legs you want to install do not overlap existing hardware.

Pictured Cube Shelves: 13" 4-Cube Organizer Shelf - Threshold™ from Target

(Bought them when they were on sale)

2. Shop For Your Risers/Legs

I had this idea come to life when I noticed that IKEA sold furniture legs in packs of four for a decent price. Since our cube organizers were similar to Ikea's Kallax Shelf unit, I figured I can purchase the legs from there. The ones I decided to buy were the EKET legs ( 4pk fr $15).

I bought these because they had the natural wood as a color option AND the placement of screws needed to install. The mounting plate was a triangle shape that required three screws in all three corners which was perfect since the cube organizers had screws that landed right in the middle of the mounting plate.

3. Gather Your Tools and Items

The drill definitely a recommended tool to install risers/legs. You need this power and drill bits to drill new holes in your furniture for a smooth installation. My drill along with my box of drill bits and screw heads were gifted to me by father. This is a good tool to invest in if you plan to make changes to your furniture or hang items on your wall.

4. Clean Your Surfaces

This is a step that is always great to practice and make habit of when working on a project. It is always best to start with a fresh and clean slate for ANY project.

5. Install Your Risers/Legs

The metal plates from the legs I purchased already had holes of where the screws will be drilled in. I simply placed the leg where I want it to be installed and traced in the circles.

I used a drill bit that is thinner than the screws to drill a pilot hole. If you use a drill bit that is too big- then the screws will not have any grip in the material and won't hold in place.

Align the metal plate over the holes created, and drill in the screws to hold the legs in place. Do this for all risers/legs you plan to install.

Enjoy Your Raised Furniture

This is a very simple and cost effective alternative to changing up a piece of furniture you already own! Who knew installing legs to a cube organizer can change up the look and feel of the room it is in. You can easily customize this project by buying unique risers/legs or paint them! The choice is yours! Have fun with it! Let us know of any furniture pieces you changed down below!

BONUS: Where To Shop for Risers/Legs



Home Depot:



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