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3 Simple Ways to Refresh Your Space

Learn how to refresh your space without needing to make significant renovations.

If you are considering changing the look and feel of a space, but don't have the budget nor a direction of how to make these changes, here are some easy tips to help you refresh your space with confidence.

Tip #1 - Declutter the space

One of the most simplest and effective ways to make a significant improvement in your space is to remove clutter. It is important to focus on removing things that are no longer bringing value to your daily life. If it continues to serve you, keep it. If you no longer love it, use it, or find it meaningful, remove it.

Why is removing clutter important for refreshing a space? It not only adds more space in your home, but it also helps reduce stress which helps to support and enhance your well-being.

Tip #2 - Clear the area

By "clear the area," I mean literally clear the space in your home. Often, we need a blank canvas to work with to begin visualizing how to re-design the space. Removing the furniture and items in the space provides opportunities to rearrange the layout and placement of items.

Tip #3 - Add contrast

Do not be afraid mix the bold with the neutral! If everything looks the same such as using only light colors or only dark colors, the space can become bland. Incorporate neutral tones with warm or dark tones. Painting your walls is not the only way you can add contrast in your space. You can add contrast by using furniture, decor items, plants, and other home accessories.

Final Thoughts

Refreshing a space can be daunting and challenging at times. If you are looking to make simple and inexpensive changes to your space, we hope these tips are useful in helping you make your space how you envision it to look and feel like.

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