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The Affordable Choice: Interior Design & Decor on a Budget

Stylish and stunning interiors are not only for high-budget clients. A stylish home is definitely accessible, even on a budget.


Interior Design & Decor on a Budget

In this blog post, we will discuss the increasing growth in online interior design services and tools that are helping people design their dream homes on any budget. We will also be showing you some great options of low-cost home furniture & decor items that highly resemble their high-cost counterparts.

Online Interior Design Services

Accessible and affordable interior design and decor is growing! Interior design services are becoming widely available and increasingly digital. There are online interior design services such as Modsy and Havenly, that help people create and style their dream homes regardless of the budget category they fall under. Modsy is an online platform that allows people to digitally design and style a room in their home in various ways. They offer design packages that range from $159 per room to $499 per room. All packages include the following: a 3D rendering of the room, online collaboration with an expert designer, design revisions, and a selection of discounted items associated with your style. The best feature of Modsy is that it allows clients to not only see a completely furnished, 3D rendering of a room, but it also allows clients to swap out and modify furniture. You can also download their app and design your dream home straight from your phone! Havenly is also an online interior design service that offers a wide selection of expert interior designers to assist with decorating and furnishing your home. Unlike Modsy, Havenly provides clients with a 2D layered rendering and mood board of their final design concept. Havenly offers two design packages, the Havenly Mini starting at $79.99 and the Havenly Full starting at $129. Havenly also provides clients with a list of best available furniture prices online that match their style. Just as Modsy, you can also download the Havenly app on your smartphone. Overall, these online services streamline the process of creating a design for your home.

The Alternative + Affordable Choice

There are many companies that offer similar home furniture and decor products at a lower cost. This means that you do not have to sacrifice your home design and decor vision! Below are some items we have selected that show high-similarity in appearance and are available at a lower cost.

Living Room Furniture
Coffee Table



Product Name: Soft Modern Coffee Table

Product Name: Riley Marble Rectangle Coffee Table

Company: Target

Company: Poly & Bark

Price: $130.99

Price: $299

Product Name: Round Modern Nesting Coffee Table Set of 2

Product Name: Round Nesting Coffee Tables With Heavy Steel Frame And Sleek Tempered Glass/ Wood Tabletop, Set Of 2

Company: Walmart

Company: Wayfair

Price: $166.09

Price: $203.99

Sofa + Couch



Product Name: Reversible Sleeper Sofa & Chaise

Product Name: Madison Chaise Sectional Sofa

Company: Wayfair

Company: Castlery

Price: $709.99

Price: $1,599

Product Name: Sheena Mid Century Modern Loveseat

Product Name: Gabriola Ivory Bouclé Loveseat

Company: Target

Company: Article

Price: $285.59

Price: $699

Ladder Bookshelf



Product Name: Laredo 5 Tier Ladder Bookcase/shelf

Product Name: Ladder Shelf Storage Wide Shelf

Company: Walmart

Company: West Elm

Price: $113.99

Price: $299

Decor Items
Flower Vases



Product Name: Ceramic Vase

Product Name: Nordic Resin Donut Vase, Circular Hollow Minimalist Vase

Company: H&M Home

Company: Etsy

Price: $17.99

Price: $34.99

Product Name: Set of 3 Matte Black Ceramic Bud Vases

Product Name: Matte Terracotta Bud Vase (Quantity 1)

Company: Afloral

Company: Anthropologie

Price: $28.00

Price: $26.00

Wall Planters



Product Name: Mkono Ceramic Hanging Planter Wall Planter Set of 3 Modern Flower Plant Pots

Product Name: Ivory Bronx Ceramic Hanging Planter Wall Planter Set Of 3 Modern Flower Plant Pots

Company: Amazon

Company: Wayfair

Price: $25.99

Price: $127.99


Final Remarks

If there is one thing you can take away after reading this post is that your budget should no longer be an obstacle in achieving your dream home! Yes, it may take longer than anticipated. Yes, you may have to design one space or room at a time. Also, you may need to do some research, browse through a couple of sites, read a couple of reviews, and conduct some comparative analysis. With all that said, you definitely do not have to break the bank to achieve a home that enriches your wellness.


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