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Turn an Ikea Spice Rack into a Monitor Stand

In need of an affordable monitor stand less for than $5 ?

I purchased this BEKVÄM Spice Rack $4.99 (tax not included) at Ikea sometime last year. Sometimes the easiest and most affordable solution to our dilemmas are already in our homes. Since I never hung it up above my stove to hold my spices- I found a new purpose for this simple and inexpensive product.

A pro to most of Ikea items. They can used or hacked into many things.

Tools Needed

  • Allen Key (should have been included in package)

  • Optional: Drill or Screwdriver with Allen Key head (it's faster or perhaps you lost the Allen Key)

Easiest DIY

1. Choose one side to remove both screws with the Allen Key.

2. Remove the shelf rod.

3. Place the screws back on the side you removed.

4. Your All Done!


The natural wood color already matched my current desk. I was very happy that it can support the weight of my monitor. Additionally, this is a great affordable alternative, especially if you are saving up for the home office of your dreams. This was super easy, super affordable, and super cute!


DIY Tip:

Since this item was made with natural raw wood, the DIY options are endless. You can easily sand down this shelf rack and paint it to whatever color you like or use removable wallpaper for a funky design.

Have Fun!


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