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Home Refresh Transformations

Showcasing past clients' before and after home wellness transformations.


Apartment Living Room

Assisted client to create a designated living room space in their open floor plan apartment. The goals for this space were to elevate the space and add more brightness.


Media Space

Assisted client with designing their corner media space. We designed and custom-made their wooden media console table to meet client's design style and space goals.


Minimalist Bedroom

Assisted client with maintaining their minimalist and wellness bedroom goals. The main goals for this space were to limit distractions, prioritize rest, cultivate tranquility, and incorporate nature.


Family Living Room

Assisted client with creating a cohesive family living room. The goals for this space were to eliminate clutter, create a functional space, and brighten up the space.


Bedroom Wellness Refresh

Assisted client with designing and creating a more functional and spacious bedroom. The goals for this bedroom space were to 1) create a warmer  bedroom environment to support the client's mood, 2) create separate areas designated for work, wellness, and rest and 3) declutter the space.


Living Room Wellness Refresh

Assisted client with designing and creating a living room space that provided more functionality and felt inviting and organized.  The goals for this living room were to 1) add more storage space without overcrowding, 2) create brightness and add more color, and 3) blend both minimalist and maximalist design styles.

“Working one-on-one with Primrose Studio Co. to give my bedroom a much needed update was such a beautiful and eye opening experience. My bedroom was a relic, an homage to my post college life. Cozy and eccentric, but with many things accumulated. After the pandemic I, like many others, found myself wondering about the direction of my life and what I wanted to achieve. What better way to start on your path to reinvention than with a space refresh. The whole design process with Primrose was enjoyable and very detail oriented. Speaking to Maria, my design artist, was calming and reliable as she was very attentive to what I was looking for. Our design meetings felt like mini therapy sessions where I could speak my mind on the changes I was looking for. No idea or suggestion of mine was too farfetched or unreachable. Primrose was very adamant about our eccentricities fitting in with the refresh. And as a plus their services and recommendations remained well within a reasonable budget. I finally have my adult fan-girl multi-functional zen bedroom all thanks to Maria!"

Norma T.

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