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Home Wellness Refresh


1:1 Home Wellness Coaching Program

Home Wellness Refresh

Get a space designed by a designer who truly understands the importance of making your home an environment that nourishes your mental wellness.

This is a custom interior design service that helps transform a room in your home into a space that supports your wellness and achieves your envisioned design style. Together we design an intentional space in your home that will help improve your mental health and quality of life. 

Service Price

Without Installation


With Installation


This is for you if you...

Are ready to prioritize and invest in your mental wellness

Are looking to make your home a permanent wellness space

Need help making your wellness space come together

Are looking to create a space that supports your personal growth

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The Process


Meet & Greet

This is an initial consultation call to provide information about our service, discuss the overall goals for your room refresh, and to understand how the space can better support your wellness needs. This consultation call will help us get an idea if the Wellness Refresh service is a great fit for you.


Insight + Clarity

We will set up a 1.5 hour video call to discuss the project budget and the design + wellness questionnaire. This will help gain greater understanding and clarity about the purpose and specific goals of the project.



This is the design and concept development stage of the project. We will work together to develop  beautiful and cohesive design concepts that adhere to the project budget and that align with your wellness needs and goals of the space. You will receive concept mood boards, 2D and 3D layout renderings.



With your feedback, we will work together to narrow down and finalize the design style, layout options, and furnishing options of the new space.



You will receive a finalized digital package that includes the following: 1) two mood boards, 2) 2D floor plan, 3) 3D furniture layout, and 4) list of furnishing items with purchasing links and prices.

Home Wellness
1:1 Coaching Program

A 3-month online coaching program that uses interior design principles and mental health practices that aims to empower individuals to regain and reclaim their sense of safety and connection to their mind, body, and spirit by utilizing their home as a source of safety, support and healing.  


The goals of this program are to help you 1) develop emotional self-awareness, 2) build inner strength, and 3) create a nurturing home environment that supports your mental health and emotional well-being.

Investment of $1,200

This is for you if you...

Are seeking to regain and reclaim your sense of safety and connection between your mind, body, and spirit.

Want to build inner strength to strengthen your self-confidence, self-trust, and inner safety.

Want to create a home environment that supports and aligns with your inner growth and healing.

Want to gain emotional self-awareness through self-discovery.

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Inquire about our services!

We would love to work with you to design and create a home environment that serves as a source of safety, support, and healing! Please fill out the form below with all your inquiries.

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